Every batch, of every product we produce for sale, is sent to an independent third-party lab for testing. They test for potency of ingredients as well as testing for contaminants and toxins. We have listed our most recent results below, as well as providing access to previous batch results through the search function. Agave Farm Boys believes that all manufacturers should proudly provide this level of transparency.

You can match up the batch number on your product’s package.

Input your batch code to find your test, then click the link to see the results.

    Results for our latest batches:

    • 50mg Full Spectrum CBD Toppers – Batch # A300103

    • 100ml Muscle & Joint Full Spectrum CBD Cream – Batch # AFM24A

    • 30ml Full Spectrum CBD Oil – Batch # AFO24A

    • 25mg Full Spectrum CBD Gummies – Batch # AFBG22H

    • 50mg Full Spectrum CBD Gummies – Batch # AFBG22J

    • 100ml Muscle & Joint Broad Spectrum CBD Cream – Batch # ABSM23A

    • 30ml Broad Spectrum CBD Oil – Batch # ABSO23A